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James Allsopp: Tenor Saxophone


“Plastic Sun”
Due for release November 2009 (Quartz Records)

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"Mouse Practice" extract


Ever since I was at school I have been a fan of the unique sound of British improvised music. The sound world of Evan Parker, Derek Bailey, John Butcher and Paul Dunmall (to name a few of my favourites) has been a continuing source of inspiration to me. I love the way that these improvisers created a new language of sonic possibilities for their instruments and incorporated them into a way of playing which is simultaneously minutely detailed and hugely gestural. 

As a composer I enjoy the challenge of spontaneously creating form and structure, and as an improviser I enjoy taking as many liberties as possible within the compositional shape that I have set up.

Although I cannot pretend to have added anything new to the medium, I hope that I have made something that reflects my tastes, techniques and a desire to create from them a lyrical whole which take the listener on a journey.

Photograph by Alex Bonney © 2009

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