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golden age of steam


James Allsopp: Tenor Saxophone, Bass Clarinet and Compositions

Kit Downes: Hammond Organ and Wurlitzer

Tim Giles: Drums and percussion

Alex Bonney: Trumpet and Electronics

Ruth Goller: Electric Bass


“Raspberry Tongue” (Babel)

Get Raspberry Tongue!

"Welcome To Bat Country" (Basho) OUT VERY SOON!



It used to be a trio.... Now its a QUINTET! For our forth coming album "Welcome to Bat Country" out soon on Basho records we have augmented the orignal trio to bring in more sounds, taking the music in all sorts of crazy new directions- more colours, heavier grooves a new found love of all things ambient and psychedelic!

I am really excited about this record and the new line up is working really well, we will be out ond about on tour from october 2012 into 2013 so check the news page for dates.

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