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James Allsopp: Tenor Saxophone, Baritone Saxophone, Bass Clarinet and Compositions

Tim Giles: Drums, electronic percussion and compositions

Philip Hochstrate: Keyboard

Stian Westerhus: Baritone Guitar

Ben Reynolds: Drums and Percussion


“Fraud” (Babel, 2007)

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Ronnie Scott Jazz Award for “Best Newcomer” 2007
BBC Jazz Award for “Innovation” 2008


This quintet is lead by me and Tim Giles and we wrote music together to combine our interests in contemporary classical music, funk, electronica and noise…
Most of the music was written by Tim and I improvising together, with Tim creating electronic soundscapes and beats to compliment my melodies, as a result of this approach the tunes tend to be made up of shortish blocks of material that we could memorise on the spot which we then worked on further once we had learned them.

We were keen to try and write music that got away from the conventional tune and solos structure of more traditional types of Jazz music. To this end we tried to have different sounds for different sections of pieces, rapid changes in direction or tempo that would break up the form and push us all to re-evaluate our rolls within the ensemble.

The players in Fraud allowed us a massive range of sounds and textures to play with and the music was written with their sounds in mind.

Our Debut album was described by Guardian Jazz Critic John Fordham as being “what the term cutting edge was meant for” and by Mike Flynn in Jazzwise as "Welcome to the new century of improvised music". In 2007 we won the Ronnie Scott Jazz Award for “Best Newcomer” and were nominated for the BBC Jazz Award for “Best Album”. In 2008 we received the BBC Jazz Award for “Innovation”

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